Rick Bero presenting at The Milwaukee Bar Association with attorney Shane Brunner


Rick Bero, managing director at The BERO Group and Shane Brunner, partner at Michael Best & Friedrich will be presenting at the Milwaukee Bar on May 14, 2019 – The Pragmatic Solution: How to develop and manage a structured, well-reasoned damages plan.
As an attorney and CPA, Shane specializes in IP litigation and has managed and tried many damages cases throughout his career. Rick is a CPA and CVA and has testified as a damages, financial and valuation expert more than 150 times.
Together, Shane and Rick will work through the concepts and process in Rick’s upcoming book, The Pragmatic Solution. Whether you’re representing a plaintiff or defendant, The Pragmatic Solution provides guidance to build a successful damages case. Shane and Rick will provide an overview of the five damages phases and walk you through the process outlined in the book. They’ll identify concepts and tools within those phases to help you stay on track to develop and present a strong damages case.

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