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Patent Infringement Damages: Lost Profits and Royalties

The Georgia-Pacific Factors: Quantitative vs. Qualitative Factors

The Georgia-Pacific factors are comprised of both quantitative-focused and qualitative-focused factors.

COVID-19 Impacts Discount Rates, Which Impacts Some Damage Calculations

Economic Damages

Clearly linkable to COVID-19, Duff & Phelps has made two adjustments to components used in calculating discount rates since February 2020. A discount rate is used when valuing a business or quantifying future lost profits.

New Release!
2022 ACFE Report to the Nations

ACFE 2022 ReportThe 2022 Report to the Nations is the largest global study on occupational fraud and includes data based on 2,110 real cases of occupational fraud data collected from 133 countries.
The Report identifies how fraud is committed and the most effective ways to detect it.

The BERO Group Economic Damages Experts

Whether the case at hand involves patent infringement, breach of contract, bankruptcy, divorce, fraud or embezzlement, The BERO Group has the resources to provide you and your clients with the forensic accounting support you need when pursuing economic damages in litigation matters.

Rick Bero Zoom Deposition

The BERO Group specialists are experts at providing testimony using programs like Zoom, Teams, Webex and various other virtual meeting platforms. Our economic damages experts are equipped with the knowledge, skill and dedication to adapt to any of your litigation needs.

Economic Damages consulting in litigation matters isn't just an ancillary aspect of our practice — it's our specialty. Our track record and list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

Hire Your Damages Expert Early
The Federal Circuit Agrees?

Hire a Damages ExpertHiring an architect before you build your new home is much like hiring a damages expert before you build your case.

Good habits will provide you with insights to guide portions of your case, which make successfull litigation outcomes more likely.

Economic Damages, CPAs and a Bowl of Ice Cream

Ice CreamWhat makes some CPAs uniquely qualified to be good economic damages expert witnesses?
CPAs know that for every if (debit / credit), there must be a proper then (credit / debit).

Why Are Lost Wages Certain?
— They Aren’t.

Lost Wages I remember years ago my first wrongful death, lost wage (w-2 employee wage) claim.


The BERO Group is a proud sponsor of the Milwaukee Bar Association

Milwaukee Bar AssociationEstablished in 1858, the mission of the Milwaukee Bar Association is to be an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organization that serves the interests of the lawyers, judges, and the people of Milwaukee County.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

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Economic Damages
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Financial Fraud

Fraud investigation
Misappropriation of company assets
Embezzlement: Bribery, kickbacks, payoffs
White collar defense
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation

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Trade secret misappropriation
Trademark infringement / Trade dress infringement
Copyright infringement
Economic Damages
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Commercial Damages

Commercial Damages

Lost Profits
Solvency / Insolvency
Contract / lost contract value
Trade Secrets / Patent Infringement
Expert witness testimony

Personal Damages

Personal Damages

Employment Discrimination
Lost Wages/Benefits
Personal Injury Claims
Wrongful Death
FLSA Claims



Trade Secrets
Mergers and Acquisitions
Patents and patent portfolios
Trademarks & Copyrights
Contractual Damage Claims

Government Contracts

Government Contracts

Terminations for Convenience or by Default
Cost Recovery Issues
Adjusting Partially Terminated Contracts
Contractual Damage Claims
Expert witness testimony

CLE Presentations

CLE Presentations for Credit

Intellectual Property
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Insurance Claims Calculations
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Litigation Damages Blueprint

Now in Print!

The Litigator's
Damages Blueprint
The Pragmatic Solution

Not a how-to-calculate-damages book, but a process that The BERO Group calls
"The Pragmatic Solution" which can help you manage your damages case.

Rick Bero Shares The BERO Group Approach to Litigation

Litigator's Damages BlueprintFrom start to finish, learn to work effectively and efficiently with your damages litigation team. This book will guide you through the steps to achieve success, offering a structure to engage fully with your damages analysis as you move from early preparation up to and through trial.

The Pragmatic Solution method will guide you through your work with your damages expert and help you develop a well-reasoned analysis that aligns with your liability case.

Richard Bero,
Contributing author to

The Comprehensive Guide to

Economic Damages

This new edition, edited by Nancy J. Fannon, Jonathan Dunitz, Jimmy Pappas, Bill Scally, and Steve Veenema, features 49 chapters drawing on the expertise of nearly 70 financial experts and attorneys.

Comprehensive Guide to Damages The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages (6th Edition) combines the economic expert’s knowledge of damages calculations and methods with legal and case analysis. It provides a deep and rich resource for financial experts and attorneys seeking guidance on appropriate remedies and related damages calculations, and addresses many of the problems that may arise in any case. The breadth and depth of topics discussed, along with 300 court case digests, makes the Guide the most comprehensive body of knowledge relating to economic damages available.

You can find Rick Bero's contributing chapters in Volume One,

Chapter 28. Patent Infringement Damages: Lost Profits and Royalties
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Autumn N. Nero, Esq.

Chapter 29. Design Patent Damages
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Christopher V. Carani, Esq.

Chapter 30. Trade Secret Damages
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Jon Margolies, Esq.

About The BERO Group

Economic Damages Experts

Testifying economic damages experts are engaged to provide an informed evaluation of complicated facts through the application of scientific, technical, or otherwise specialized knowledge. The experts are expected to act as both interpreters and communicators of complex facts and issues in order to assist the trier of fact in coming to a well reasoned conclusion regarding damages.

Qualifications alone will rarely withstand litigation without “showing the math” as to how an expert reaches the conclusions offered. Experts must provide an easily understood map that accounts for all conclusions, including obvious causes that may also contribute to the damage calculations. At the end of the day, damage calculations that accurately account for relevant issues and discount irrelevant issues will meet the test of reasonable certainty.

With over 20 years of experience working with legal teams on complex litigation issues, we at The BERO Group are as confident on the witness stand as we are in our analysis. As a result, we anticipate counter arguments and provide solid support for our conclusions, and your success.

The Complete Package in Damages Litigation Services

There are several forensic accounting firms that offer to act as damages experts and specialists in economic damages litigation.
Few, however, possess the complete package of specialized knowledge, communication skills and expert witness experience required for successful litigation outcomes.

Damages experts at The BERO Group take full ownership of the cases they work on and are quick to adapt as members of your litigation team.
Known for being responsive, BERO Group accounting specialists are also flexible, as they efficiently adapt to the changing circumstances, difficult schedules, and pressing deadlines related to important litigation issues.

Honest | Direct | Effective

The BERO Group will work with you and your litigation team, to build confidence and project credibility in the opinions we deliver to your client, opposing counsel, judges and juries. Our accounting specialists possess the skills needed to offer you and your clients a rare combination of high-level technical proficiency, creativity, and sophistication in our approach to litigation.

Valuing What Matters

When the financial stakes are high for your client, it matters who you choose as your expert witness. You can trust The BERO Group to provide thorough, credible, supportable damages opinions. We're the preferred damages financial experts for many highly successful attorneys because we're experts at valuing what matters.

What our clients say...

Rise International

The BERO Group had been engaged by an Illinois based Not-for-Profit organization, RISE International, to perform a completion audit of their “Schools for Angola” project. The two and a half year long project resulted in construction of 26 schools in Angola at a cost of almost $9 million. The “Education Above All Foundation – Educate A Child Programme”, based in Qatar, contributed approximately $2.8 million toward the project. The audit performed by The BERO Group fulfilled the grant agreement requirement.

"The BERO Group performed a Grant Project Audit for RISE International. We were delighted to work with Jim McGovern and Jack Lazarczyk, and appreciated the time they took to understand the project, its detail, intricacies, and complexity. Extremely grateful for their expertise, thorough in-depth approach, experience, and professionalism, we highly recommend their work."

— Lynn Cole
Executive Director
RISE International

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